Who I am

I was born in beautiful Ukraine and now live in Cyprus for the last 24 years which is longer than I have lived in my country of origin.
To be completely honest I never got satisfied with where I got myself.
I just knew that «this is not it» and «there must be a better way of living a life in a more fulfilling/meaningful way»
My journey is of searching for answers endlessly trying new ways of self-improvement.
Yes, challenges of our lives are colourful and harsh at times only to push us forward and encourage for new ways of how we deal with them this time around.
I was guided by my Reiki teacher and life coach through the toughest patches where I thought there was no hope and was losing my will to try any longer.
Then came Rebirthing Breath therapy that somehow stuck with me and life gave me a chance to have become a close friends with one of the best breath workers in the world.
And there I was, after experimenting for long enough and going through changes with breath work I found myself at the seminar that have changed my life once and for all. I was incredibly lucky to have the best by my side to guide me where I am now.