How it works

       Breath is life.

       Energy, prana, Chi, oxygen… it is all the same absolute fundamental of our survival, wellbeing, youth and sustainability in this world.

       The way we breathe reflect the exact way we approach our life. Inhaling the life fully, taking it and receiving freely everything that comes to us and exhaling the waist and realising the unnecessary without holding back… Is that how you breathe? Have you ever noticed the gaps between the inhales and exhales that are not even noticed unless pointed out? Same in life, we can be going in circles of emotional rollercoaster without even noticing the circles that repeat themselves. Different people, different surroundings but old same feelings of non-fulfilment, stress, frustration…

       My approach to healing breath deviations is simplified and demystified for anyone to understand. First the assessment takes place to see what areas of the breathing have been restricted due to adapted habits. Then together we work on switching on the whole breathing mechanism or so to say rewire the body to breathe fully, effectively and free. Last but not the list a habit of conscious breathing is implanted to maintain the new acquired beneficial habits. It is very individual process that creates miraculous changes.


 How does anxiety serves personal growth?!
      Yet again I would like to take a different perspective on a commonly recognized as disadvantageous — Anxiety. At its’ very deep core Anxiety is a spiked up doubt. For most of us, feeling of mental certainty is an essential need, hence we create and set personal as much as socially accepted values and beliefs that provide us with barriers against doubt.When doubt is treated truly impersonal ( that is the real property of doubt not personalized) then it becomes a genuine enquiry and serves as a creative force. That comes naturally to very few of us BUT can be acquired as a skill.