How it works

       Breath is life.

       Energy, prana, Chi, oxygen… it is all the same absolute fundamental of our survival, wellbeing, youth and sustainability in this world.

       The way we breathe reflect the exact way we approach our life. Inhaling the life fully, taking it and receiving freely everything that comes to us and exhaling the waist and realising the unnecessary without holding back… Is that how you breathe? Have you ever noticed the gaps between the inhales and exhales that are not even noticed unless pointed out? Same in life, we can be going in circles of emotional rollercoaster without even noticing the circles that repeat themselves. Different people, different surroundings but old same feelings of non-fulfilment, stress, frustration…

       My approach to healing breath deviations is simplified and demystified for anyone to understand. First the assessment takes place to see what areas of the breathing have been restricted due to adapted habits. Then together we work on switching on the whole breathing mechanism or so to say rewire the body to breathe fully, effectively and free. Last but not the list a habit of conscious breathing is implanted to maintain the new acquired beneficial habits. It is very individual process that creates miraculous changes.



Poor sleep

Brain Frog



High blood pressure

       All of these have proven with studies to be improved by breathing therapy. I can show you how. You can choose to be actively breathing your wellbeing.

       The point of cellular respiration could not be over stressed. Our system takes in necessary and gets reed of unneeded. Amazing mechanism so complicated but yet comes to us so naturally and effortlessly to be taking advantage of every second of life. If our cells lack oxygen the symptoms of disease will come to surface in no time, even though the diagnosis will be pointing at a particular organ to be treated, all that has to be taken focus on is giving your cells proper respiration. Not focusing on one part but holistically approaching the whole system and detoxifying it with just breath.

       Throughout our life we come to meet all kind of vicissitudes that leave scars on our mental body and disrupt the way we breathe that leads to adapting unfavourable breathing patterns that are left unnoticed and restrict our mental and physical body from vital rejuvenation.

       Breath is life. Mental clarity, Objective decision making, Containment, Calmness… Can be achieved in minutes on a daily bases. Breath is always with you, it is free and only awaits of your awareness. Once you learn to know your breath and become familiar with techniques to use your own breath no one can ever take it away from you and surely, you cannot forget to breathe no matter what.

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