Correcting breath deviations for improving every aspect of quality life


Working with any health issues by  freeing of the breathing mechanism. Clarity of decisions. Stress and anxiety release. Boost of immune system. Emotional trauma and stuck feelings relief. 

Find your own way to self-development

With Wilhelmina de Boer Dekker

It doesn't matter what stage you are in now ! Together we explore the challenges, dust off the talents you have so you may become aware of your creativity and strength. Find more material, workshops, meditation, books and events on

How it works

       Breath is life.

       Energy, prana, Chi, oxygen… it is all the same absolute fundamental of our survival, wellbeing, youth and sustainability in this world.

       The way we breathe reflect the exact way we approach our life. Inhaling the life fully, taking it and receiving freely everything that comes to us and exhaling the waist and realising the unnecessary without holding back… Is that how you breathe? Have you ever noticed the gaps between the inhales and exhales that are not even noticed unless pointed out? Same in life, we can be going in circles of emotional rollercoaster without even noticing the circles that repeat themselves. Different people, different surroundings but old same feelings of non-fulfilment, stress, frustration…

What a session holds: The session includes a conversational therapy when we are setting the intention of the breathing session. We bring up to attention the challenges of the current time and evaluate any personal breathing goals/challenges. There mignt be a need in a short meditation sitting that depends on individual need to relax and get ready for the breathing session. Then three parts of the breathing session follow. First is when we asses the breathing patterns and see what needs to be corrected and start working on activating the whole breathing mechanism. Second part is when the breath naturally takes over and only small corrections on my part take place.

Who I am

I was born in beautiful Ukraine and now live in Cyprus for the last 24 years which is longer than I have lived in my country of origin. In my journey of searching for answers endlessly trying new ways of self-improvement, to be completely honest I never got satisfied with what I have in a way that I just knew that «this is not it» and «there must be a better way of living a life in a more fulfilling/meaningful way» Yes, challenges of our lives are colourful and harsh at times only to push us forward and encourage for new ways of how we deal with them this time around. I was guided by my Reiki teacher and life coach through the toughest patches where I thought there was no hope and was losing my might to try any longer. Then came Rebirthing Breath therapy that somehow stuck with me and life gave me a chance to have become a close friends with one of the best breath workers in the world. And there I was, after experimenting for long enough and going through changes with breath work I found myself at the seminar that have changed my life once and for all. I was incredibly lucky to have the best by my site to guide me where I am now.