How does anxiety serves personal growth?!
      Yet again I would like to take a different perspective on a commonly recognized as disadvantageous — Anxiety. At its’ very deep core Anxiety is a spiked up doubt. For most of us, feeling of mental certainty is an essential need, hence we create and set personal as much as socially accepted values and beliefs that provide us with barriers against doubt.When doubt is treated truly impersonal ( that is the real property of doubt not personalized) then it becomes a genuine enquiry and serves as a creative force. That comes naturally to very few of us BUT can be acquired as a skill.
     When doubt is taken personal or internalized it becomes destructive becoming a self-doubt.
Our logical left brain is wired to see things in learning in a repetitive pattern which is the key to our human evolution. Logical patterns! Those patterns are traced in our very DNA and so we can see the that doubt can be a positive force in development.
But! Doubt has a quality of not going away 🤨 and so it sits there in our brain causing huge unconscious pressure, never ending feeling being unsettled that is looking to be relieved.
     Best thing to do when in doubt is to share the with others. We are social animals) and so sharing allows putting any concerns in order when communicating to other and most importantly EMBRACING it allowing it to move and taking the role of the observer that helps to impersonalize! BINGO!
    Doubt belongs to collective to help and kick in evolution not individually personalized chaos of anxiety.

     Worst thing to do is to take rushed/not though through actin. However to be taken in consideration that over rationalizing creates stagnation and kills enquiry.

In breath work the very aim of the session is to create a state where all meditation striver to go: the spade between the thoughts. The space where we disengage from our ego and enter the desired nothingness. That is where magic happens and control of our over logical mind is let go. Simple as anything geniu

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